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Figure 1. Arthroscopy: Small portals allow a fiber-optic scope and small instruments to be placed inside the knee.

Anthroscopy of the knee is done using a small fiber-optic TV camera that is placed through small portals (incisions) through the knee (Figure 1). Generally speaking, the surgeon can frequently operate on many problems of the knee without opening the knee.

The surgeon starts by inserting the arthroscope into one of the portals. A second portal is created for the use of a wide variety of instruments. A third portal is used for the inflow of fluid. All parts of the inside of the knee joint are examined.

Figure 2. Meniscus: Arthroscopic view of normal meniscus and normal articular cartilage.

Minor surgeries such as meniscectomies and cleanup of arthritic knees are very commonly done using this technique. More significant surgeries such as Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction are also done using arthroscopy.

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